mercredi 17 décembre 2008

Reggae Africain-Discographie (Décembre-2008)

Voici la discographie qui accompagne l'interview de Yaya Yaovi ,l'un des pionniers du Reggae Africain.
1980-Az Yaya & Think-Release Time-Prys
01-Africa Release-02-Carry On Look For-03-Rastaman Wants-04-Mister War-05-Confusion-06-Born Natural-07-Give Us Love.
1983-Az Yaya & Think-Stop That Train-Azyza KMI
01-Natural Think-02-Do The Action-03-Stop That Train-04-They Go Loose-05-Abadabamba-06-Dont Follow-07-Them-08-Down.
1998-Yaya Yaovi-Seed-Night & Day
01-Save love-02-Miwoa-03-Free Afrika-04-We got something-05-Ali d'ici-06-Alode-07-11292-08-Mayavio-09-Lift up your conscience-10-Mr War money.
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