mercredi 25 février 2009

Nu-Roots-Discographie (Février-2009)

Discographie Ras Zacharri.
A l'occasion de l'interview de Zacharri,le blog vous propose une discographie non exhaustive du singjay.
2000-Irish Moss-Stumpy Production
2005-Guilty-Dread Unity
2006-When Jah Wrath-Roots Garden
2006-Jordan River (With Luciano)-Roots Garden
2008-Ruff Road (With Natty King)-Shem Ha Boreh
2008-Herbs Man-Shem Ha Boreh
2008-The More I Live-Man From The Hill Team
2008-Lion Ina Jungle (With Ruben Mystic)-Foundation Sound
2008-Love Is Knocking At The Door (With Gregory Isaacs)-Shem Ha Boreh
2008-Jah Reigns-Shem Ha Boreh
2008-Black & Comely-Shem Ha Boreh
2009-GreetingsTenastelin-Roots Garden
2009-Rise My People-One People Production
2009-No Violence-Shem Ha Boreh
2009-Pagons Eyes (With Tiwony)-Shem Ha Boreh
Album:2009-Never Give Up On Jah (Coming soon in 2009)
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