mardi 2 juin 2009

Nu-Roots-Discographie (Juin-2009)

Voici une discographie de "Morgan Heritage" ainsi qu'une discographie des singles solo de "Mojo Morgan" à l'occasion de l'interview que ce dernier nous a accordé.
Discographie Morgan Heritage.
1997-Protect Us Jah-Vp Records.
1998-One Calling-Vp Records.
1999-Don't Haffi Haffi Dread-Vp Records.
2000-Live In Europe 2000-Vp Records.
2001-More Teachings-Vp Records.
2003-Know Your Past-Heratbeat
2003-Three In One-Vp Records.
2005-Full Circle-Vp Records.
2006-Another Rockaz Momen-Live-Vp Records.
2008-Mission In Progress-Vp Records.
One Riddim Albums:
1998-Morgan Heritage Family & Friends Volume 1-Artists Only Records.
1999-Morgan Heritage Family & Friends Volume 2-Artists Only Records.
2000-Gunz in Da Ghetto-Vp Records.
2002-Shashamanie City-71 Records.
2002-Morgan Heritage Family & Friends Volume 3-Artists Only Records.
2001-Jah Alone (Cuss Cuss Riddim)-Kickin Production Records
2001-Ababajoni (One In Ten Riddim)-Black Diamonds Records
2002-I Will Wait (Last Train Riddim)
2002-We Will Make It With L.M.S (911 Riddim)-Xterminator Records
2003-Dem Man Deh (Joe Frasier Riddim)-Cousins Records
2004-Hustlers (Scorpion King Riddim)-Vertex Records
2005-From My Hood With L.M.S (Green Valley Riddim)-Steven Stanley Records
2005-We Run The Town (Smarties Riddim)-Bread Back Records
2005-Same Roots Rastaman (Cry Baby Riddim)-Birchill Records
2007-Love You Right (More & More Riddim)
Discographie Mojo Morgan.
1999-I'll Do Anything For You With Denroy Morgan & Laza
2002-Put On Da Pressure With Laza (Educated Fools Riddim)-Ghetto Youths United Records.
2004-Stogee With L.M.S (Straigth From Da Roots)
2005-Walk With Jah With L.M.S (London 2 Paris)
2007-Mr Francois (Guilty In Advance) (Luv A Dub Riddim)
2008-Herbsman Anthem With Peter Tosh-Gideon Soldiers Records
2008-Why Oh Why-Gideon Soldiers Records
2008-River Nile (Automatic Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
2009-Rude Bwoy (A Message To You Rudie Riddim)-Supersonic Sound Records
Got Mojo?-Gideon Soldiers Records
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