mercredi 9 février 2011

Gregory Isaacs-Night Nurse:The Best Of-Trojan-2011.

Roots-Sortie Album (Février-2011).
Voici une nouvelle compilation du "Cool Ruler" sur laquelle on retrouve quelques uns des plus gros hits du chanteur comme "Loving Pauper,Love Is Overdue,Mr Cop,Slave Master" ou encore "Tune In,Soon Forward,Oh What A Feeling" et bien sur le classique "Night Nurse" et bien d'autres encore !!!Tracklist:CD1-01-Too Late.02-A Lonely Soldier-03-Loving Pauper-04.All I Have Is Love-05.Love Is Overdue-06.Lonely Days*-07.Bad Da-08.Mr. Cop-09.Rasta Business-10.Black A Kill Black-11.-Extra Classic-12.Hand Cuff-13.Set The Captives Free-14.Slave Master-15-Let's Dance-16-Never Be Ungrateful+-17-Mr Know It All-18-Soon Forward-19-Going Downtown-20-Motherless Child*.CD2-01-Tune In-02-Poor And Clean-03-(Happy) Anniversary-04-Next To You+-05-Wailing Rudie-06-Sunday Morning-07-I Can't Give You My Love Alone-08-If You See My Mary-09-Oh What A Feeling*-10-Front Door-11-Top Ten-12-Cream Of The Crop-13-Night Nurse*-14-Cool Down The Pace*-15-Private Secretary*-16-Love Me With Feeling+-17-Mi Come Again-18-Tenement Yard.
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