jeudi 5 mai 2011

Gregory Isaacs-Love Is Overdue-Snapper Music Group-2011.

Roots-Sortie Album (Mai-2011).
Voici une nouvelle compilation du "Cool Ruler" qui regroupe 39 titres produits par le label "GG's records" parmi lesquels figurent des classiques comme "Lonely Days,Once Ago,My Number One,Love Is Overdue,Border" et bien d'autres encore !!!Tracklist:01-Love Is Overdue-02-Far Beyond The Valley -03-Sweeter The Victory-04-Financial Endorsement-05-Send Me The Pillow You Dream On-06-Be Careful-07-Philistines-08-Lonely Days-09-Happiness Come-10-The Way She Walks-11-Another Heartache-12-No Forgiveness-13-Love Disguise-14-Don\'t Go-15-Lonely Teardrops-16-Once Ago-17-Cool You-18-I Am Struggling-19-Each Day-20-If You\'re In Love-21-My Number One-22-Look Before You Leap-23-Want To Go-24-Special Guest-25-Tumbling Tears-26-Willow Tree-27-Everything Is Going To Be Alright-28-Border-29-No Footstool-30-Breaking Up-31-No Speech, No Language-32-Something Nice-33-A Riot-34-Jailer-35-Happiness-36-Village Of The Underprivileged-37-Payroll-38-If You\'re Feeling Hot, I Will Cool You-39-Can I Change My Mind .
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