mardi 30 août 2011

Discographie Josie Mel !!!

Nu-Roots-Dicographie (Aout-2011).
Voici une discographie sélective de "Josie Mel" pour accompagner l'interview !!!
2003-Blessings-Walboomers Music.
2005-Rasta Still De 'Bout-Minor7 Flat5.
2007-This Whole World-Minor7 Flat5.
1998-The Blessing (Blessing Riddim)-Star Trail.
1998-Don't Play (Night Rider Riddim)-Star Trail.
1998-Wrong Line (The Joy Riddim) With Little Twitch-Star Trail.
1999-Do Mi Ting (Cousin Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
1999-Talk Talking (Weeping Eyes Riddim)-Blend Dem.
2000-Youth Fi Big (Friends For Life Riddim) With Capleton-Black Scorpio.
2000-Cross Roads (You Should Have Known Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
2001-Got To Be An Angel (Angel Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
2002-Freedom (Miracle Riddim)-New Creation.
2002-Fly Away (Live On Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
2003-Free Out (Faith Riddim) With Capleton-Vikings.
2003-You're Hurt Baby (Revival Dub Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
2003-Poor People (Born Free Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
2005-Rasta Still Deh Bout ( Riddim) With Lutan Fyah-Minor7 Flat5.
2005-And I Pray With Smokie Benz-Minor7 Flat5.
2005-Won't Hurt Her With Turbulence-Black Scorpio.
2006-Poverty (First Sight Riddim)-Pow Pow.
2007-Try Jah Love (2 Drop Riddim) With Smokie Benz-Minor7 Flat5.
2007-Mr Bruno (Bittersweet Riddim) With Lutan Fyah-Minor7 Flat5.
2007-This Whole World (Bodo Riddim) With Lutan Fyah-Minor7 Flat5.
2007-Keep Your Distance (Fi Wi Rock Riddim)-Pete Music.
2008-Soundboy Run Away (Promised Land Riddim)-Kronic Beat.
2008-Don't Stop The Dance (Mud Up Riddim) With DYCR.
2009-Keep Yuh Distant (Love Is The Answer Riddim).

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